A Dream within a Dream

 In a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none,is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream...

~ Edgar Allan Poe ~

Shintaro Ohata - "Everyday Life"

Gerade erst, also ganz frisch, bin ich über diese Fotos gestolpert. Oder besser Bild-Skulpturen! Shintaro Ohata, ein in Hiroshima (Japan) geborener Künstler hat erst vor kurzem seine Ausstellung in der Yukari Art Contemprary in Tokyo beendet. Mit seinen Werken schafft er es, das Alltägliche einzufangen und ihm ein ganz besonderes inneres Leuchten zu verleihen!!! Wunderschön und hoffentlich erst der Anfang vieler neuer Projekte dieses Künstlers!

"Every ordinary scenery in our daily lives, such as the rising sun, the beauty of a sunset or a glittering road paved with asphalt on a rainy night, becomes something irreplaceable if we think we wouldn’t be able to see them anymore," he told Yukari gallery. "I am creating works to capture lights in our everyday life and record them in the painting.”

Photos courtesy of Yukari Art Contemporary

Salar de Uyuni - the border between Heaven and Earth

Amazing, isnt't it?!!! This is the world's largest salt flat at 10,528 square kilometers. Located about 12,000ft about sea level in south Bolivia near the crest of the Andes. It was once a giant inland salt water lake but after the water vanished into the thin dry air of Andean altitude, all that remains is the salt. Tens of meters thick, lying beneath the bright sky: a sun bleached skeleton of a dead sea. During the rainy season the water turns this place into the worlds largest mirror. The mirages from the sky's reflection create a sense of  infinity and walking among clouds!!!