Hallo ihr Lieben, ich muss euch was gestehen: ja, ich liebe Kurzfilme! Aber nein, keine Daily Soaps bitte! Kleine Geschichten verpackt in wenige Minuten. Sagen nicht meistens diese wenigen Minuten mehr aus wie so mancher mehrst√ľndiger teuer produzierter Fernsehfilm?! Aber seht selbst! Dieser hier hat vielleicht etwas viel schwarzen Humor, aber der schottische Akzent vers√∂hnt alles!

Good evening, ahhh I know it's Monday but I hope you all had a great day! A couple of weeks ago I read something that makes me smile about this sometimes so wicked day of the week: Dear Monday, thank you for having the word 'mon' in you. It's french and means 'my' which makes me think of 'my day' in a more relaxed way. See, life is sooooooooooooo simple, isn't it!?
Anyway, here's my obsession #12: I love shortfilms! I mean, they say so much in such a short time. You know, it's like when the film you were sooooo looking forward is finally in the cinemas and you sit there, excited, mumbling about that huge guy in the front row and than a few minutes later that awkward moment set in when you realize the whole plot is (sorry!) utter s*** and the only excitement is the soon expected end of the film? But here we go. I love this one! ...and for all of you who don't, the good thing is: I can soothe you it's only about 12 minutes ;)

'Somewhere off the north coast of Ireland in a small rowing boat two friends are discussing the finer points of life such as fear of open spaces, the fact that they have no oars, how the tide is dragging them out to sea and what to do about an engine that doesn’t work. Oscar and Frank have known each other for a long time and as with most friendships there is an undercurrent of torment stored in reserve for times such as this. Follow their journey as the water gets deeper and the black comedy unfolds.' -bluebird media-

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  1. oh i never thought about "monday" that way before! i love it. from now on i'll try to do a little something special for myself every monday :)